ADAS Target System - Autel Laser Tools Add-On: ADAS Accessory Package


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Autel ADAS Accessory Package

ADAS Accessory Kit for Autel Standard ADAS Calibration Frame includes Five- and Two-Line Lasers, Plumb Bob, Laser Reflector, Laser Assist Mirror, L-Shaped Bracket and Carrying Kit. The kit tools when used in conjunction with Autel’s Standard ADAS Calibration Frame enable the technician to perform ADAS calibrations easier, quicker and with more precision. Systems calibrated with these tools include Blind Spot Monitoring, Adaptive Cruise Control, Around View Monitoring an some Lane Departure Monitoring calibrations.


  • Designed for Use With the Autel Standard Calibration Frame
  • Accessory Kit Provides Quicker, Easier and More Precise Calibrations
  • Enable quicker identification of vehicle Center Line
  • Enable Positioning of Frame From Vehicle
  • Enable Quicker Identification of True 90 Degree Position from Center for BSM Calibration
  • Enables More Efficient Calibration of Many ADAS Systems including ACC, BSM, AVM and Some LDW


  • Five Line Laser
  • Two-Line Laser
  • Laser Reflector
  • Laser Assist Mirror
  • L-Shaped Bracket
  • Plumb Bob
  • Carrying Case
  • 1-Year Warranty