ADAS Target Set - Autel Add-On: Calibration Package 4 - ADASCAL4


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Autel ADASCAL4 Calibration Package 4

MA600CAL4 Expansion package, compatible with Autel Standard Calibration Frame, includes AVM targets for 2018+ Hyundai/Kia and select 2018+ Nissan/Infiniti vehicles equipped with AVM, Lidar Reflector coverage for Toyota 2010-2015 Lidar-equipped vehicles, Lidar plate for calibration of VW/Audi 2018+ Lidar-equipped vehicles (MA600RAP required) RCW Pattern for calibration of 2012 to 2016 Mercedes RCW-equipped vehicles, VW ADR Radar plate for 2003 to 2010 VW/Bentley vehicles equipped with ACC and coverage for calibration of Night Vision systems on Lexus 2003 to 2007 NV-equipped vehicles. Includes one-year limited warranty.


  • Compatible with Autel ADAS Standard Frame NOT Included


  • Expansion pack for
    • RCW
    • AVM
    • LIDAR
    • NV
  • AVM Targets for 2018+ for
    • Hyundai/Kia Vehicles Equipped with AVM
    • Select Nissan/Infiniti Vehicles Equipped with AVM
  • Toyota Lidar Reflector Covers Vehicles 2010-2015 Toyota Vehicles Equipped with LIDAR
  • VW LIDAR Plate Adds Coverage for VW/Audi Lidar Systems Found on 2018+ Vehicles (MA600RAP Required)
  • Benz RCW Pattern Expands the Coverage of the Benz RCW to Include 2012-2016 Models
  • Lexus Night Vision Covers Vehicles 2003- 2007 Lexus Vehicles Equipped with NV
  • VW ADR Radar Plate Covers Vehicles 2003-2010 VW/Bentley Vehicles Equipped with ACC
  • 1-Year Warranty