GODIAG GT100+ OBD2 Breakout Box and ECU Bench Tool


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The GODIAG GT100+ allows you to power an ECU on the bench, or build an entire vehicle on the bench for testing and verification. 

Improve your diagnostics, vehicle immobilizer, and security work, whether it is on the bench with the included power adapter, or in the vehicle with the OBDII port supplied power.

LED's on every OBD2 PIN indicate if there is power, communication verification through blinking LED's, and monitor vehicle voltage with the voltage display. 

Use the OBD2 cable for on vehicle work and the DB25 connector for bench work. Purchase DB25 connectors and make your own customer bench harnesses! 

12V Adapter included for bench work. The GT100+ can also be powered by the Autel, TOPDON, and most other 12-15V DC wall adapters.