GODIAG GT105 - OBD2 Immobilizer Assist Tool


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2016+ Ford Smart Keys:  GT105 is compatible with VVDI equipment and all other OBD2 IMMO matching equipment used to program the keys. 

All Keys Lost (AKL) Matching: Force the vehicle to wake up by shorting OBD2 PINs together.

  • Supports for VAG 4th and 5th generation IMMO
  • Toyota ECU Synchronization
  • Mitsubishi key all-lost matching or all-lost remote control key setting
  • Legacy Porsche Cayenne 


VPW, CAN, K-Line: LED Indicators blink and give a visual indicator on the communication status between the vehicle and the diagnostic programming device. (If the connected device can determine whether the device can send communication, simply determine whether the diagnostic programming is normal.)


Ford: Perform All Keys Lost (smart keys) using GT105 and VVDI equipment, or other IMMO matching equipment. For all keys lost, you need to disconnect the car battery, connect the negative pole of the battery via OBD5, and connect the 16 pin to the positive pole of the 12V battery.

Example: Use the Xhorse Key Tool Plus Pad to match a new for Ford model after 2017. In the state of all keys lost, the vehicle is in the alarm state, and the tablet cannot be used for matching. If you want to match the keys, you must release the IMMO state.

If the vehicle has entered the IMMO state. Disconnect the positive pole of the battery as prompted by the device, and then connect the vehicle battery with the GT105 power adapter cable, as the picture shows. 

(In the process of key matching, the external 12V power supply is always maintained, no need to disconnect)

Follow the instructions on the Xhorse Key Tool Plus Pad to match the keys.

All lost car keys match---wake up the meter or wake up the IMMO E-C-U.


Porsche and VW 4th Gen Smart, 5th Generation Card Key:

(Models: New A6L, Touareg, A4, Q5, A7)

Illuminates the cluster using the GT105 to wake up the vehicle for data collection.


Toyota: Perform ECU/IMMO Sync using the GT105 and simplify the process.

No grabbing a paperclip anymore! 


Mitsubishi: All keys lost matching or all lost remote control key settings.


Porsche: Key learning for old Porsche Cayenne

Outdoor operation power collection

When the locksmith or ECU engineer cannot get the 12V power supply in the outdoor operation, he can use the GT105 power adapter cable to obtain the 12V power supply from the car battery.

Provides power to a 12V powered key cutter


LED Lights Display: 

1. OEM Defined Protocol
2. SAE J1850 
3. OEM Defined Protocol
4. Chassis Ground
5. Signal Ground
6. SAE J2284 CAN-High
7. ISO9141-2 ISO, DIS 4230-4K Wire
8. OEM Defined Protocol
9. OEM Defined Protocol
10. SAE J1850 (BUS)
11. OEM Defined Protocol
12. OEM Defined Protocol
13. OEM Defined Protocol
14. SAE J2284 CAN-Low
15. ISO9141-2 & ISO/DIS 4230-4L wire
16. 12V Batt (+)