GODIAG VVDI Key Tool Plus Practical Instructions 1 & 2: Automotive Immobilizer & Key Programming for the Automotive Locksmith


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GODIAG VVDI Key Tool Plus Practical Instruction 1 & 2
Procedural Instructions for Locksmith and Automotive Immobilizer Specialists

Enhance your knowledge of automotive immobilizer procedures with the GODIAG Key Tool Plus Practical Instructional books – two comprehensive books designed to guide you through the intricacies of automotive immobilizer systems and the VVDI KEY TOOL PLUS tablet. 

These practical instruction manuals provide essential information on car IMMO knowledge, VVDI KEY TOOL PLUS usage skills, and real car key matching operation processes from experienced automotive immobilizer specialist. Follow along with the expert advice and procedures to be better equipped for perform immobilizer matching while avoiding operational errors.

GODIAG VVDI Key Tool Plus Practical Instruction Features:

  1. Master automotive immobilizer systems: Gain in-depth knowledge of various immobilizer systems, enabling you to work effectively with a wide range of vehicles.
  2. Save time and minimize losses: Learn the best practices to streamline your workflow and minimize potential issues in the key matching process.
  3. Acquire essential car key matching skills: Develop your expertise in car key matching, including transponder key chip copying and smart key unlocking.


These manuals were designed around the XHORSE VVDI KEY TOOL PLUS tablet, but the instructions can also be applied to many other immobilizer tools, such as the Autel IMMO series of tools, TOPDON, Launch, ThinkCar, and other XHORSE VVDI products. 

GODIAG Key Tool Plus Practical Instruction 1&2 Two Books
Learn car key matching skills
copy of transponder key chip
some smart keys unlock