GODIAG - OBD2 to ECU Bench Harness


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OBD2 to ECU Bench Harness Adapter

Compatible with ALL OBD2 devices. 

Works excellent with IOTerminal, FLEX, VVDI Tools, and all other tools that support OBD2 protocols. 

Uses 12V Adapter from your Autel, TOPDON, or other 12V adapter. 

Godiag OBD2 jumper cable  Details



OBD2 Jumper Functions:
1. Supports DC power supply (12V)
2. 4mm shielded banana jacks.
3. Independent GND4, GND5 [meet the needs of special ECU programming].
4. With boot GND4 clip, compatible with programming equipment such as MPPS, FGTECH, KESSV2.
5. With GND4 GND5 short-circuit switch [some ECUs need to be switched to short-circuit mode when programming].
Note: The switch of GND4-5 is normally ON, LED will illuminate. When some ECUs need to be independently connected to GND4 and GND5, release the switch.
6. Ignition switch (TERM 15) [equipped with 1 large and 2 small dedicated ignition cables].
7. Support all OBD2 protocol connection [double K line, double CAN line], 3 large and 2 small power plugs, 4 large GND, 4 small GND.
8. Includes 120 Ohm Resistors for CAN modules that require a terminating resistor.